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Preworkouts with fake sweeteners counteract your goals

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Preworkout powder with natural sweeteners

Sweeteners make energizing ingredients taste better but they come with a cost. Some sweeteners are so fake that they’re more harmful than real sugar.

Let’s cut right to the chase.

We don’t know you. Besides that health & fitness are important to you. And they should be treated as such.

Caffeine, Beta-Alanine, L-Citrulline Malate, and other kick-in-the-butt energy boosting ingredients have a very bitter taste. This explains why you’ll never find an unflavored preworkout powder.

The market is flooded with highly concentrated chemical sweeteners to mask the unpleasant taste of caffeine and amino acids. It’s scary because they’re listed as “proprietary blends” and you might not even know you’re pouring them into your body.

To be clear: preworkouts with “proprietary” flavor blends are scary.

When sugar isn’t listed on a label, it doesn’t automatically mean a preworkout is better for you.

You need to be aware of the digestive issues and appetite altering effects of sweeteners like Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium [Ace-K, 200 times sweeter than real sugar], and Erythritol [sugar alcohol]. These highly concentrated chemical sweeteners come with a cost to you but a savings to the manufacturer.

Supplement companies knowingly and unknowingly use them because they’re cheap alternatives and they’re overly sweetened to mask any bitterness.

Which leads to the question...

Is your preworkout working if you can't digest it?

We make Zire Preworkouts with unblended Stevia.

Our in-house food scientist, Joseph, said he’d quit his job if we even considered man-made sweeteners. So we use pure-form Stevia, which we don’t combine with other sweeteners, as commonly found in other Stevia-based products.

Stevia is barely recognized by your digestive system. Your stomach isn’t fooled into thinking it can be used as an energy source, like sugar and other sweeteners. In fact, Stevia gently passes through your system without sitting heavily on your stomach and without affecting insulin or blood glucose levels.

We make it so you can build energy from amino acids and 4 sources of caffeine without interrupting digestion.

Our fan-favorite flavors are crisp and refreshing.

We use a newer form of Stevia [loaded with antioxidants instead of bitterness] for a crisp taste without a strange after-taste. They satisfy your tastebuds without falling victim to the desire for obnoxiously sweet flavors.

Even if you’re not following a strict diet, our preworkouts are a good fit with zero sugar, zero carbs, and zero calories.

Preworkout powder supplement facts with no artificial sweeteners

Men & women, just like you, use our preworkouts for all types of workout plans.

Their stomachs create energy from the right ingredients without being forced to digest artificial sweeteners first.

Blue Raspberry is a popular choice but our customers buy a mix of all three flavors - Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, and Pink Lemonade.

Here’s a link to Zire Preworkouts.

Do your best today.

- Steph

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