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52.4 Miles To Battle Breast Cancer


Dear Supporter,

A few years ago, my mom went through hell and unfortunately it hasn't stopped there. Breast cancer is one of the most troubling situations that any woman could find themselves in. And the problem is that it's way too prevalent and a lot of women are forced to face it alone.

Personally, I'm forever grateful to local organizations like the Young Women's Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation (YWBCAF) in Pittsburgh for being so supportive as my mother battled, and continues to battle, breast cancer. YWBCAF is a valuable resource for any woman, and her family members, who is forced to battle breast cancer.

They've helped us tremendously and have always been readily available as a resource to help women of all ages in their fight against breast cancer. Over the years, I've deepened my relationship with YWBCAF and its founder, Jen. In the past year, I've seen her navigate even more troubling times with grace. YWBCAF's commitment to the women of Pittsburgh is unparalleled.

Unfortunately funding has become a big challenge in the last year, among other complications. And less funding means it's more difficult to provide support. In order for YWBCAF to be as valuable as they've been to me and my family, they need funding. They need our support.

I'm going to run a double marathon on October 2, 2021. 52.4 miles to help raise awareness for breast cancer. More importantly, to demonstrate my gratitude to YWBCAF and women who are battling breast cancer. Very humbly, I request your support in raising funds to help YWBCAF continue to do what they do best -- act as a resource for women of all ages.

Please use the simple form below to submit your donation. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

With gratitude,

Josh Rulnick

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