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Fruit Punch Preworkout, 40 Servings

41 reviews

The right preworkout needs to be considerate of the post-workout feeling and not just made for a surge of initial energy. Zire Preworkouts use three sources of caffeine and trademarked ingredients to deliver an upfront burst of clean energy and additional energy that steadily builds and releases as you use it. It tastes great and mixes well. In fact, it mixes so well that people have started dry scooping and mixing it directly in their mouth.


Why You'll Love It

We thought of the beginning, middle, and end when we created the formula for our preworkouts. More specifically, we were very particular about the sources of energy, how it continues to build through a workout, and how it gradually wears off after the workout is over. Using three sources of caffeine, trademarked ingredients, no fillers, and no artificial sweeteners, Zire Preworkouts give you clean energy that gets you going and keeps you going without the dreaded post-workout crash.

You’ll feel a burst of energy followed by steady energy that builds and releases as you use it. It’s the right amount for most workouts from cardio to HIIT and it comes without jitters and shakes. Customers love that our preworkouts are suitable for most diets since they have 0 carbs, 0 sugar, and 0 calories. And even though they mix well and taste great with ice cold water, many customers have started dry scooping. It’s that good.

Delivers A Burst Of Energy
+ Steady Energy Throughout Workouts

Gradually Wears Off
Without The Typical Preworkout Crash

Supports Enhanced Focus
For More Effective Workouts

What's In It

Zire Preworkouts use trademarked ingredients that are clinically researched to build your energy before and during workouts. It’s made without artificial sweeteners and has no artificial colors and no added sugar.

L-Citrulline Malate 2:1, Beta-Alanine, L-Leucine, Taurine, Caffeine Anhydrous, InfinergyTM Dicaffeine Malate, S7TM [Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract, Turmeric Extract, Tart Cherry, Blueberry, Broccoli, Kale], AstraGin®

How Josh Uses It

“Gets you going & keeps you going.”

I’ve tried a lot of preworkouts but I never found one that worked well for me. So I worked with our food scientists to create one. Most preworkouts do a number on my stomach and the energy would go to waste because the discomfort would interfere with my actual workout. Zire Preworkouts were made out of necessity.

And they’ve become the go-to for Spartan racers, marathon runners, power-lifters, Crossfitters, spinners, and more. We’ve received a whole lot of praise since we launched them. Quite honestly, I’m not surprised and I couldn’t agree more with everyone who’s given us their positive feedback.

Our in-house food scientists really hit the mark with our preworkout formula. It lives up to its claims of clean energy without the jitters and without the crash. I start my day with a scoop followed by a morning run then straight into a workout -- either high intensity or power-lifting but it depends on my mood.

On days that I’m intermittent fasting, preworkouts really hold me over since I have no fuel in my stomach. It gives me the push I need and helps me get into my moment. Not having to worry about stomach issues or crashing after a tough routine, I’m able to focus on my workout and on getting 1% better everyday.

Fruit Punch Preworkout
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4.9 Based on 41 Reviews
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    Absolutely no Stomach Issues

    Most pre workouts crush my stomach and I have to rush to the bathroom. This stuff gives me the energy, the pump and NO STOMACH ISSUES!!!

    Taste is on Point

    Nothing else compares to the taste of this Pre Workout!

    Great overall product

    Great taste, great energy, really great product!

    Nothing Compares

    I am a supporter of this company because they give you what you need when it comes to products. Real ingredients, real taste and nothing artifical.

    Kick A$$ Pre

    Huge fan of this Pre workout. I am a marathon runner so I really need to be careful with what I put into my body and this stuff just works. No stomach issues while I am running and no crash!

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